UK 2020 -2021

Confessions - Kansley and Lidert

Kansley and Lidert's first musical, Confessions, workshopped at The Other Palace in 2019. With the big sound and pace of classic spy films, three female spies confess the events of a dark mission gone wrong...

UK, 2020- 2021

The Kick Inside

Cat Lady! Dried up spinster! Barren ghost! Frigid witch!

Kerensa Diball has decided she’s not having children. It’s not that she can’t, it’s not that she hates children and it’s not that she doesn’t have someone loving to make them with.

Ellen and Kerensa had begun booking a UK 2020 tour and Edinburgh Fringe run with The Pleasance, which was interrupted by the pandemic.


UK 2021

Deptford Wives

Deptford Wives tells the remarkable true story of Mary Lacy, the female shipwright.

She became an apprentice shipwright, but when her gender was revealed, she was expelled from the Navy, leaving her to find her identity as a woman in a man's world.

This musical explores the passionate love affair between Mary and her soon-to-be ‘wife', Elizabeth Slade and how the impossible became possible.

Ellen is working with Anthony Kosky (composer/producer) for Kosky Productions as a producer on the first professional run of the show.

London, 2019

The Ceiling Project

Created with Bigger Fish Theatre, this project brings together multiple short new musicals about women in contemporary and historical settings.

The first showing of Chapter One: She, The Storyteller was at Bishopsgate Institute in November 2019, and the team are working on what's next for the project.

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