The Ceiling Project – ‘Gwen’ | A Bronze Age Pop-Rock Musical

Rhiannon Drake & Will Drake (Drake & Drake) are a sister/brother composing duo, based in London. They have been writing pop songs, new musical concepts, commercial Christmas tunes, orchestral scores, jazz music and a cappella arrangements together for ten years. Their first full musical, ‘Herstoric’, was performed at The Drayton Arms Theatre earlier in 2019.  

Rhiannon & Will’s main influences are Welsh choral music, 90’s cheese, Whitney Houston power ballads and Fleetwood Mac tunes. They are both greatly inspired by their Welsh heritage, and the strong choral tradition that comes with it, and spent much of their youth singing in church choirs.

‘Gwen’ | A Bronze Age Pop-Rock Musical  11th Century BC. Queen Gwendolen, the legendary ruler of Ancient Britain, has just discovered her husband, King Loncrinus, in bed with another woman. He tells her he wants a divorce. She tells him she will take all of his lands… so she does! 

Image artist: Artist – Edward Burne-Jones

More info – The Ceiling Project #smashingceilings #shethestoryteller

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